Saturday, May 8, 2010

2 monsters today!

Assalamualaikum wbt. Well today we just finished 2 exams; OSCE in the morning and pharm in the evening. We really don't expect dental school to put 2 exams during summer but then it still happen and we just do our best for these exams and the rest just tawakkal to Allah.

Nikwani and Erica were in the 1st session for the OSCE and me,ira,nadia were in the 2nd session. The night before, we're all so scared(nikwani even can't sleep)..just imagine la..OSCE covers all stuff in RD2007 which are ethics law, dental material, behavioural science and segala maknenek smoking,charting,cross infect bla2..pharm pulak banyak siot nk baca, thanks to azira who emailed us the past years papers,,really2 helpful!

The 1st session start early in the morning and supposed to end at 11.10 am. 2nd session should start at 11.30 am and ends at 1.40pm..and we got pharm at 4.30pm. But it didn't turn out that way,,the 1st session extended until around 11.30 am which means the 2nd session will only ends at 2pm or later. Masa tu kitorg memang dah cuak dah. Semua bajet bleh la merevise2 sket utk pharm next.Tp sabar ajo la.

We had short discussion before we start the OSCE and i think it really helps me a lot!! kalau x memang x tahu ape tu hypodynamic??thanks to all my classmates. At 11.30 am we're ready to enter the lab. The 1st session just finished. Nampak nikwani n ery dah tersandar kat dinding. Ada 19 real stations and 5 rest stations, whut do u expect la..sah2 penat gila..

The OSCE was quite tough i think..esp part Behavioral Science. mak aii detail nya soalan.banyak plak tu station BS. ethic law ada 3 stations, dental material x igt berapa, and 1 real station yg kena explain pasal plaque,brushing technique segala.Ohh and sumpah aku x tahu itu adalah tongue scrapper!! don't have any idea what is this..pemeriksa: just guess..u'll lose 2 mark if u don't try..where do we clean our mouth using this? me: tongue? pemeriksa: good girl! me:thank God!

I think susunan station adalah sedikit tidak patut. At 1 side, ada banyak rest station, and another side sikit plak rest station.But after all,jam tepat pukul 2 pm, we finished the OSCE. All 24 stations were done! Then me,ira,nadia terus pecut balik rumah. Makan sket and terus revise utk pharm. At 4.30 pm we started the exam at Aula Maxima.

Balik rumah, semua org penat..semua org rasa nk tido ja..we aware that for the upper years, exams will be held even we have clinical session on the same day. Meaning, we shud be prepared! Tired? of course.. semoga Allah lembut kan hati pemeriksa2 kami.Kuatkanlah kami utk exams yg seterusnya.. Mari berusaha ira,erica,nikwani,nadia..All RD2007 stuff please stay in my brain! still got RD2007 oral on 28th may remember?Now 4 down, 5 more to go. Wish us luck people!! Till then, wassalam...

p/s: nadia, aku dah tulis list stations tu,,tp still ade bbrp yg x igt,,nnt kita compare ngan list ko ok!