Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Restoran Malaysia di Cork

OWNER : Mr.Adrian from Petaling Jaya
Restoran milik warga Malaysia pertama yang dibuka di Cork,Ireland.

Iyfah and me were on our way to Cork City when we saw 'kain batik' hanging on the window of a shop. At first i tought it was a tourism agent promoting Malaysia as a vacation spot in conjuction with Tahun Melawat Malaysia or something. But,when we looked at the sign board, we were shocked.Taste Of Malaysia..the name of the shop..i'm not sure if i was too patriotic at that moment but i really was amazed with that.

Iyfah and me couldnt help ourselves from walked into we entered the shop,a warm smile was welcoming us..i couldnt wait to ask "are you the owner of the restorant?are you a malaysian?".."aku malaysia..selamat datang!!" it really put a big smile on our!

Inside the restorant..Can you see the kain batik? (Adrian's mom told us that those kain batik were from Kelantan and specially made for the shop..hehe)

the menu..

the lunch menu..

there were Adrian (owner) and me..

nyummy fried rice and mee curry..xsaba!!!

me enjoying the kaw2 mee curry and longan drink..

HALAL? yes it is..i'd asked Adrian the question. he replied "mesti laa..sini mahu bagi Malaysians juga mkn..pasti halal.." So dont worry you guys.. =D

P/S: Mr. Adrian is offering any Malaysian students in UCC who interested to have part time job to work in the restorant.
Restorant : 021-427 6207

thanx to Iyfah for accompanying me and being the photographer of the day..hehe..

Iyfah enjoying her Fried Rice

so guys..we'd tried the foods and we gave 4/5 stars to bout you?? You should tried it too..


with love: nadia


'adilah w.a.r said...

haha....gemok la satu adrian tu plak jd pokcik kayo la lps nih...hihi

p/s:ble nk belanje???

nadia_saleh said...


nadia pon nk kate "bile nk belanje?"

bley plak tersame er..

HANIS NASA said...

yeay!!!!!x saba nk g rs fud kat situ!!ade char kuey teow x?? nyum2...:-P

nadia_saleh said...

hakhak..kak yong..
bsaba k..

aku pon xhabes xplore menu die lgi

Witty Angel said...

wahhh sangatnak pegiii