Thursday, November 19, 2009


Yay!! Finally done with redecorating this pretty-much-dead-blog. After spending nearly the whole night which i was supposed to be studying neurophysiology, here's the end result!! Nice?? Hehe. Felt a bit guilty for abandoning this blog for so so long. Hope to make it up to this dear old blog this way. Btw, i was thinking, the name of this blog '21+17+9.5' was the combination of our units in Castlewhite during first year. But since we're not there anymore, don't you think it's time for us to change the name for this blog as well?? Hmmmm... Whaddya think?

P.S.: I've made a poll at the right side bar for everyone's opinion. Majority wins. =P


nikwani said...

nice one la ery! good jobbb! love the song, hehe

farah said...

chummmillll!!! nice deco!

Lily said...

Hello. My name is Lily. I live in Indiana. I want to know about Ballincurry. I have letters from there dated in the 1800s, the earliest being from 1825. Maybe you could help me out? I'm doing the family tree, and it's really hard to get the thing right when it comes to the Irish parts. First of all, Is Tipperary a state? or a county? Is Ballincurry a town? I'd really appreciate your help!

Thanks much,

Lily Sosseur
(my mother was a Conboy)

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