Saturday, November 15, 2008



here some information for the visitors that visit our blog.. there will be no updates about what's going on in cute dentists in training's life for a moment. this is due to our anatomy assessment which is just around the corner. we need to study very very hard for this assessment so we don't have time to put new posts although we had so many great things happened recently. do pray for our success in this first assessment!

p/s: x kesah la org nk ckp head tu senang je ke ape ke, kitorg nk cuak jgk.. takot dowh first assessmnt kt uni nh.. xtau nk rs ape dah.. huhuhu


k a m i l HK said...

good luck la anak2 noel ray sekalian. all the best ok. :D

fendi said...

good luck girls!~ insya Allah korng bole wat nye~ =)

k a m i l HK said...

abang fendi memberi support yang hebat sekali.

'adilah w.a.r said...

kak aliyah + adilah:

selamat maju jaya!!!! (skema)

belajar sggh2 mcm kite nak ikut perang tawan constantinople k??

ALL THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P/S: jgn lupe doa~~~


nikwani said...

terime kasih ye kt kakak2 and pak cik2 yg sgt baik hati, yg sanggup menghabiskan mase utk mskkn kami ke dlm doa2 anda sekalian~

p/s: rs ayt ak cam berbelit je.. layan la, paham2 je la ape mksd die.. hehe